The Pipe Band Creed is a project designed to create unity and friendship between bands across the world through a compilation video. Over a period spanning from International Bagpipe Day on March 10th to the Glasgow World Championships, we intend to recruit as many bands as possible to submit one or more of their members reciting the creed, and then to cut it all together into a single version that is representative of the entire Pipe Band world.


To enter, simply record you or your band members reciting the creed, and send it to info@lasvegaspipeband.org with the name of your band and where you are located. If it is too big to email, you can use a free service like WeTransfer.com. We will email you a confirmation when your video submission is received. Be creative and tag other bands that you want to get involved!


Please take all videos in a horizontal format! No vertical cellphone shots.

Wear your band uniform! We're all proud of our tartans.

Try to get decent audio. Avoid noisy locations or use a mic.

Find an interesting location -- show off where you're from!


We intend to have the final video finished before the Pipe Band World Championships in Glasgow in August, and then it will go live on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and here on the Las Vegas Pipe Band's website.


We are Pipers; We are Drummers.

We are Pride, Determination and Fortitude.

We are the (insert band name here)

On this day, and each day that we stand in the circle, whether on a field of competition, or in preparation to do so, we stand with the knowledge, that we have already won.

We have won, because our journey was one of dauntless effort to succeed, faltering endlessly, but refusing to fail.

We have won because we never gave up on ourselves or our band. We faced our fears, and rose to every challenge together. We are camaraderie and teamwork.

We have won because we chose to excel. We chose to be better today, than we were yesterday. We are dedication and integrity.

We have won because we know what it is to chase a passion. Our pipes and drums are instruments of great historical pride, and deep emotional significance.

We have won because we refuse to sit on the sidelines. We stand together, united. We answer the call. We are not spectators, and we own this day!

We proudly wear our (insert band colors here), a testament to those who came before us, and those yet to be. We are proud to be threads in a tartan of many.

We are Pipers, We are Drummers.

We are one band. One sound.

We are the (insert band name here)!